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After Zazen,
After collection,
Putting your hand on a log of wood,
Feeling an intense joy.
I’ve been sitting in front of this piece of wood for days and days.
Joy and peace are in me and radiate the world.

©FJ September 2022
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    1. This exchange reminded me of old man Tcheng and the frustration he apparently felt.
      He who has seen a grain of sand has seen every grain of sand on every shore and the bed of every sea in the world. If you see original spirit, then you see all of original spirit and you are a Buddha.

      I am before you as a resounding piece of wood. There is nothing deserving or important in this for there has never been a lack of, nor, till the end of men, will there ever be a lack of beings like old Tcheng to resound in the same way.

      But, nincompoops, it is to your misfortune that you are ever preoccupied with mere appearances and see here only the block of resounding wood. Because of this, original spirit finds not in you the echo which would suddenly make you realize that you are not, and have never been, other than it.

      And old man Tcheng retired.

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      1. Thank you very much for sharing this story.
        It is a much better way to phrase what I tried to mean.


    1. No reason.
      The joy ‘without a why’
      Any item, any face expression may as well have offered a similar platform.
      Anything right there before my eyes.
      In this situation, the wood.
      This joy doesn’t need a context.
      It infuses it, and reflects through it.
      This reminds me that it is always there but most often poorly reflected.
      Dust on our mirror, mostly.
      The quest for rationality is a sure fashion to be guided astray.
      Rationality demands a context, a platform set in a certain way,
      Such a joy is ‘not of this [rational] world’.

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    1. arghhh.
      The platform is called that way in an attempt to not conceptualize the reality at hand.
      Anything before us is a potential platform.

      I find no cause for joy in reason :
      not because there are none to be found,
      but because i’ve stopped searching there.
      You’re in a wild mood today, I pity those who’ll find you on their way.
      Please show some mercy for such innocent beings.

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    1. Platform for experience …Is as generic as can be.
      Should I ever de-conceptualise one notch further and words would disappear, making my answer look like :
       »  »

      Eventually, all resistance will be crushed.
      Have you not heard ? Do you not see ?

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