Facing The Curtain : Now What ?

Each sitting is a choice: I either undulate on the waves of the mind curtain, (the fabric of cognitive-emotional matter undulates and moves along with the drafts and breezes and wild winds)
Or I raise the curtain in one move.

This curtain is sometimes made of a thick fabric of emotion and allows to experience all its heaviness.
The twists and waves in the fabric, the oscillations become hypnotizing and there comes a point when lifting the curtain requires an effort that sometimes seems too great in relation to our available resources.

The various tales of people from all walks of life unfold on its undulating surface.
Perceiving the necessary effort, the heaviness of the curtain is the first step towards the opening to come.

©FJ Oct. 2022
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    1. Haven’t you been told it is inappropriate to peek through the keyhole of you neighbours’ ?
      How mischievous you must have been as a child…
      What is there to be found in non-mind-terial planes ?
      How can ‘finding’ still remain relevant ?

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    1. Not finding, but ‘wishing to find’, ‘thinking we have found’.

      Reading is peeking.
      Why have we read spirituality books if not to peek at others’ experiences ?
      ..and wish to collect crumbles of Being.

      Readers and beggars can substitute for one another.
      If a reader stops being a beggar, he becomes a knower..
      Knowers are real readers.
      And real readers don’t really read.

      (And real writers have stopped writing)

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