“I Am Humble”

Through one of the visions of religion, I wonder if man does not project the greatness that he imputes to himself onto the God he claims.
He thus feigns humility (without necessarily being aware of the diversion mechanisms he puts in place.)

The absence of God on which to project our ego can then appear as a radical confrontation with this latter and open to a deeper experience of consciousness operating in a “non-egotic” mode.

However, this mechanism of projection described above can very well be present without God-as-a-recipient.

A projection-engulfing breach is then represented for conceptual debates on the greatness of a system (Buddhism) or in identity positioning (language, behavior, clothing, etc.)

October 2022
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  1. I cannot trust any who claim humility. It is their pride so to be.

    I cannot trust any who prostrate themselves before their deity. They ignore the divine that they carry within them.

    I cannot trust any system that requires or encourages such claims. It enforces intellectual dishonesty in pursuit of social control.

    I seek neither pride nor humility. These are destructive illusions.

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    1. Thank you Simon for for stating this so clearly.

      (On prostration, though, one can bow down to the outer representation of what they carry within, …
      I’ve heard of many non dual tradition teacher actually bowing down to statues here and there, often from other traditions as theirs…Which is a sign of freedom, I think)

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    1. Everything is a symbol, out here.

      Bowing to a statue can be seen as an occasion to come back to our center.
      In Zen, we bow to emptiness,
      To nothing in particular,
      To everything at the same time.
      Non duality expresses through universal bowing, don’t you think?

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    1. The question I’ve often asked myself, actually is; why would there be a need for expression in non duality? I ve never subscribed to the theory of consciousness folding to be able to see itself..
      All these are dual perspectives.

      My ‘master’ would have said : »let them bow if they want to…that gives them something to do at least..  »

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    2. I just came across the word ‘humblebrag’…
      It certainly encapsulates something real.
      Religious / Spiritual circles are full of people calling themselves humble…
      this is a powerful means to defuse any intention to gain whatever form of power is at hand…and to stealthily keep moving our pawns.
      Maybe I’m just being paranoid,
      maybe sarcastic,
      maybe I just learned the hard way.

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