I made a statue of you. Please, break it.

Thinking of a person is to immediately place oneself in relation to that person :
We do not simply think of ____
We are in a relationship with ____

The thinking process is the relationship already happening (on a certain level)

Thus, we give birth to diagrams which unfold with more or less rigidity.
In doing so, we freeze the other and ourselves into a fictitious representation.

These representations are increasingly sclerotic as the repetition of the thinking exercise operates.
Every time I think about ____ the addiction to this representation grows stronger.

Even if the physical encounter with the person is not exempt from these same characteristics, it is nevertheless subject to greater fluidity,

Real-time plasticity allowed, by real life encounters, can contribute to partially removing subjectivity.
It can also facilitate it, precisely since the unexpected component of a reaction or of a statement by the other person, can be the first blow of the pickax allowing the cracking of our representation walls.

The other can break the statue we sculpted and carry around within ourselves.
Let us observe such solidifying or the long-standing sclerosis of which we become the stage, while we are “thinking” of someone.

This can be done fortuitously when such a thought arises.
We can also act as a mind farmer / explorer / scientist,
Summoning in our inner field / tent / laboratory, the thought of ….
And then break it.

October 2022
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8 commentaires

  1. A rhetorical question to be sure but are you in fact observing my personal spiritual progress and mirroring a narrative back at me? In all seriousness, what you point at here was my Friday. I finally understood what Linji meant by killing the buddha and did just that.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Hi…
      Then your Friday mirrored my whole life…
      Building up illusions/ breaking them.

      I thought about « if you meet the Buddha » when I typed this from my notepad, actually.
      Thank you for letting me know this has resonated in/with your life.



  2. Does not thinking of a person merely place one in relationship with a concept of that person?

    A concept that may have no relationship to anything that we might, ordinarily, call reality.

    Not that I claim any authority to expound reality.

    Doe not a meeting merely confirm preconceptions or shatter them? And, in either case, not necessarily with any degree of accuracy, for we are prisoners of our own prejudices, and construct our « realities » accordingly.

    I do not understand objectivity. Only how to distrust every representation, for, whatever I see, or whoever I meet, I am left only with the perceptions of my own subjectivity.

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    1. You make subjectivity sound like a hellish trap.
      There has to be a way out of this.
      At least, a way to reduce the « subjectivity index » to a level allowing a sufficient degree of trust.

      Facing the 360 walls of subjectivity, the Pilgrim rolled up his sleeves and said in a calm and well asserted voice : « Downsize This ».

      Aimé par 1 personne

  3. ….Faith is much broader than what people make of it.
    And dramatically bursts the banks of the suffocating stream where one has tried to contain it.
    Religions of the Book do not have a monopoly on the use of that word.


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