Mental Lining

Isn’t Samsara the mental lining that we sew on the world
The slice where our representations, judgments, fears, attachments proliferate.
And this world, in returns, feeds our judgments, fears, representations, attachments.

(note on the Lankavatara sutra stanza 26.) Here, in English, a translation by D.T. Suzuki

Further, Mahamati, the Bodhisattvas who are thoroughly acquainted with the nature of the Citta, Manas, and Manovijnana, of the five Dharmas, of the [three] Svabhavas, and of the twofold Egolessness, will assume various personalities for the sake of benefitting others, just like the imagination that evolves from the seat of the relativity knowledge, and again, like the mysterious gem that reflects varieties of colours. Going over to all the Buddha-lands and assemblages, the Bodhisattvas will listen to the Buddhas, discourse on the nature of all things which are like a vision, a dream, an illusion, a reflection, and the lunar vision in water, and which have nothing to do with birth-and-death, eternality, and extinction; the Bodhisattvas, thus facing the Tathagatas, will listen to their discourses on the truth that does not belong to the Sravaka- and Pratyekabuddha-vehicle. They will then attain a hundred thousand Samadhis, (73) indeed, a hundred thousand niyutas of kotis of Samadhis, and by means of these Samadhis they will go around from one country to another; they will do homage to the Buddhas, be born in all the celestial mansions, where they will discourse on the Triple Treasure, manifesting Buddha-bodies; and, surrounded by Sravakas and Bodhisattvas, they will, in order to free them from the alternatives of being and non-being, instruct them to understand thoroughly what is meant by an objective world which is nothing but Mind itself and in which there are no realities.

At that time the Blessed One recited this verse:

136. When those who are born of the Buddha see that the world is no more than Mind itself, they will obtain a body of transformation, which has nothing to do with effect-producing works, but which is endowed with the powers, psychic faculties, and self-control.

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October 2022
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3 commentaires

    1. ahead of deception : what is the fuel for expectations ?
      What knows better than all this ?
      What knows there’s more to life than this ?

      It this to be listened to and embraced ?
      Or shall I be perceived as a fire of suffering that has to be quenched ?

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  1. Does deception follow expectation or hang on the tails of fear?

    Maybe both?

    As to who knows – all of us, but only in the depths of stillness. Not listening, nor embracing, nor fleeing or quenching any fire. Simply being, accepting. But only in the depths of stillness. And there lies the difficulty, I think.

    I am rarely still.

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