Already No More

Awakened One sees beyond things
The real is beyond
He sees through beings,
And these cease to exist as such,
His eyes pierced
through things.

The Buddha sees that they are already no more,
In this, he sees things as they
(no longer)are.

This experience of “is-already-no-more”
is a unique way of experiencing Time as not-Time-any-longer :
The abolition of Time.
The experience is already-no-more,

I am beyond Time.

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    1. ‘Things’ gives things a higher degree of density.
      Still, can we think of a less precise word?
      Mind phenomena are things
      Things that come (together) and go (away)
      Occurrences, maybe…

      Occurrence implies a form of reification, as well.
      Do things object-ively occur?
      Not so sure.

      Whatever we call them contributions to making them.
      Let’s try not calling _____ at all…

      Even their disappearing levels a mental trace.
      When I say _____, even without saying _____,
      I make space for _____,
      By not being, _____are.

      One thing is for sure: as long as we don’t address the_____ phenomena/mind occurrences, not much of what we say is valuable.

      Maybe it is part of the process.
      We create things to address them

      ‘Bonno muji seigan dan’
      May refer to this self-teaching process.

      I shall go, now.
      I have non-things to undo.


      1. I don’t not agree about the use of thing as being necessary and had no intent to disarm anyone with linguistic etiquette. Occurrence isn’t sufficient either but I find it useful for cutting attachment when it arrives. Many things trip me up but I’m glad you’re up ahead of me clearing the path so to speak.

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      2. I answered the previous comment in a playful tone, I hope I did not come across as giving instructions or anything…
        I was merely using your interesting suggestion to try to push my consideration a bit further , pointing to the limitations imherent to language.

        I do not claim (nor would I accept, nor have I ever accepted) any ‘advancement star’…
        As I do my best to listen to shosshin, beginner’s mind and reject any sort of self proclaimed authority.

        Please do not consider these too seriously, as you’d be forcing me to be consistent on the various things I say or write…
        which I unable to do.
        What more, I know seriousness is the worst guide you can have along the way.
        It lost many people I ve known…gifted people.
        It has lost me many times.
        I have learned my lesson.
        Seriousness leads to suffering.

        Thanks for your insight. (And reading!)
        Have a nice day


  1. You re a walking occurrence yourself.
    You and the item are co-incidences…
    The item does no waste time trying to name you who stumble on the poor thing.
    In that, it is the master.

    Or, being in that case a kitchen item, the chef.

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  2. Maybe, but the terminology I would use remains rather more direct. The point being, it does not do to get caught up in semantics, the language being only as accurate as the occasion – or « occurrence » – allows.

    Mind, a « walking occurrence » is, pretty well, what my wife thinks of me, so I cannot quibble on the concept…

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  3. In reference to my earlier comment, I absolutely caught the playful tone and took no offense whatsoever. I realized later that throwing a one liner out into the ether without any context seemed trite and argumentative. My apologies for that. As for taking these sutras, thoughts and comments from practitioners and the like too seriously I’m with you. I find the Masters endearing, funny and hysterically clever so I integrate what I can into myself. I love to laugh as much as I love my melon collie.
    This being said, Simon, if you do not see that the lego block on the floor which is mistakenly stepped on as being an occurrence well that’s ok. I happen to disagree. Personally in that white hot flash of pain my mind sees the series of interactions that placed it under foot. And further with another tangent, I see the links in the chain of my grandparents connected to my children literally as a flowing river. Does this make any sense? If not, its no big thing. Anyhow, thank you both.

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    1. Hello Vinlandr,
      Please accept my apologies for making you feel like you need to apologize.
      Of course, it wasn’t the point.
      I instantly considered your initial comment as an opportunity to deepen my perspective…which is the end purpose of those articles and blog, after all.
      ‘Hysterically clever’…this made me smile.
      The brink of of stupidity.
      Joyfully jumping, out of wisdom,
      Only to those who know how to smile back at the turning flower …

      Melon Collie.. Mmh, i do not know what that is, …I’d guess a dog breed, I’ll look it up
      When I have time.

      Oh, and….beware of Simon…
      He has too many tongues for too many cheeks.
      (I’m this may mean nothing for native speakers…)

      I suspect that the more he seems to challenge what is said, the more he starts to agree in the background.

      Again, I’m kidding.

      As for the Lego block…I like to think it is as much of a cosmic plan strictly unfolding based on countless interactions,
      As a completely random event.
      These two perspectives are not incompatible if we consider the infinity of parameters which come onto play.

      The idea that everything is understandable ( absolute consistency)and that nothing can be understood (well…what bother?), eventually are very close.
      This is also liberating.

      Thanks again for prompting discussion.

      I’d wish to do the gassho thing with the adapted signs…but it would take me the whole morning and am already late (!) for work.
      So, here it is : ______


    2. I’d be interested in knowing more about your area of practice (both geographical and ‘spiritual’)
      My guess : a zen practitioner from the USA.
      But this does not say much.
      (I’m case you want to share about this in a less public format, here s my e mail: )


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