Not Your Fault

The phenomena for which the ego prisms give us such a strong sense of responsibility, even guilt, are in reality only the distorted reflection of a participation that is actually minimal, infinitesimal.

The skier, the avalanche, the snow, months and months of accumulation, the slope of the mountains, the geological phenomena. Human action on the general climate,, the more or less fortuitous arrangement of the snow cover, maintenance, prevention, public authorities, the local budget, national policies, the psychology of the politicians involved directly or indirectly in the decisions taken.

Even though the passage of the skier triggered the avalanche,
Blaming the skier is utter ignorance.

Franck Nov 2022
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  1. ‘due share’, here is highly relative.
    both words are debatable at length.

    It is certainly not about negating this share of responsibility, but realising this is something that is « shared ».
    Also, about stopping building our identity around guilt/shame/blame patterns.
    (this positioning is often ignored by protagonists)

    The entanglement of causal relations is so dense and complex any appreciation thereof can only be biased.

    This is about doing the right thing, in the moment, every moment,
    without letting ex post constructions and re-reading take a disproportionate importance.

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