Notes on Fasting (2)

-The experience of fasting brings out the feline, reflex and predatory component of nutrition.

-Food buffers diffuse anxiety.
-Otherwise trivialized, it does not appear to our consciousness in the course of our daily lives.
-There is an almost invisible violence in the act of nutrition thus carried out from oneself towards oneself.

-Fasting invites gentleness of oneself towards oneself, this can be a real surprise.
-Through fasting, consciousness sharpens and anxiety emerges, followed by the feeding reflex.
-Fasting then sets up the conditions for a practice of acceptance.
-He who does not practice fasting does not know why he eats.
-De-fasting, break-fasting, is a delight of awareness.
-I listen to the body and I hear that there is no real hunger.

Notes On Fasting 1

Franck Nov 2022
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