What Energy Are You Naming ?

Every discussion, every word you are exposed to, sets in motion an energy within you it calls it by its own name.
The intervention of the consciousness process considerably weakens the damaging arrangements of these energies (old fears, irrational reflexes.)
Also, this same process multiplies the beneficial effects of a speech of wisdom.
On another level, all of this is just a distant play of distant energies,

Which plays out without much importance.

Franck Nov 2022
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  1. I am unsure what you mean by « each of the speeches ».

    Are you saying « everything you hear provokes some reaction »? If so, I can agree that we can filter those reactions to minimise the greed, the fear, the jealousy, the anger, or maximise the detachment, the peacefulness.

    Though not all of that which we might seek to minimise is, necessarily, a bad thing. Everything in balance. Everything under will (to reference Mr Crowley).

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    1. « Are you saying « everything you hear provokes some reaction »?  »

      yes, Simon, exactly.
      I should have used ‘talk / discussion » instead, maybe.

      This is more an invitation to practice a mindful listening whenever we become the recipient of such content.
      Listening to the external form, of course
      AND to the inner resonance, as well.

      I’d rather say ‘defuse’ instead of  » minimise » which sounds more like a victim reaction when trying to buffer as much as possible what they are exposed to.

      An invitation to ‘touch’ the physical reaction, to ‘taste’ the energy which is thereby activated.
      Something extremely swift.
      So quick and natural, so soaked up by our rationalisation habits, that we have come to forget it.

      I meant to remind myself that every inner reaction to others’ words was a practice.
      It can be recognised, welcomed, not judged,
      And then de-fused, seen for what is.
      Words pronounced and heard, basically
      Energy sparks back and forth,
      inside out, outside in.

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    1. Very true.
      Doubt raising is a sport,
      An art..
      It requires consistency,
      and talent.
      When applied to ourselves, though….
      ( I cannot finish this sentence. I don’t have time or inspiration… It is my right not to. This is my blog, I can decide to leave sentences unfinished.)
      I’m sure that you’d have something to suggest…

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