Ritual Words

The Kesa Sutra,
The triple gem,
Bodhisattva vows,

Their purpose is, above all, to channel, to allow you to receive,
the impetus that springs from the heart

of every practitioner, every disciple, every school.

Franck Nov 2022
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  1. You have a somewhat idealistic view of ritual, I think.

    It’s not a straight forward issue. Most of us live through a series of rituals. I go for a walk every morning. That has become a form of ritual. I eat the evening meal around 18:30, after watching the Simpsons. Another ritual.

    Saying « How are you? » as a greeting rather than a question is a ritual.

    Routine and ritual are intimate bedfellows. And there I see the problem.

    The channel you mention is as easily blocked by mere repetition as it is opened by a ritual act or pronouncement.

    My default, my gut instinct, is to say that ritual is both inevitable and dangerous. We need to recognise when the greater gain is in breaking the ritual habit.

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    1. Also, we often confuse rituals and enslavement.

      An easy answer would be tonsay that what makes the difference between rituals and routines, or ritual and enslavement is consciousness.
      I would agree with such an easy answer, for I experience it.

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