A Method ?

What’s the method to get back to that beginner’s mind ? (Cf. Suzuki, Shoshin)
There is no method.
The method is the non-method.

If I apply a method, I put myself on the path of inefficiency.
To apply the method is to run in one’s wheel, and to exhaust oneself,
end up like an old guinea pig.

Moreover, we spend our lives applying methods,
running after the method which, finally, will correspond to ourselves (profile, expectations, identifications),
We keep trying to draw the line between where we are and where we want to be.
The method is the instrument of desire,

To the one who feeds no desire, the method is useless.
This one doesn’t care.

I desire nothing, what shall I seek for a method?

However, the world imposes methods,
because, with the method, comes a business,
There is an engineering of the method.
It can be patented, it is my method.

Yet another promise of perdition, of deviation (cf. audio notes on Suzuki relating to the impure)
Therefore, leave all methods right here.
Lay them down.

To anyone approaching me with his method, I would reply:

“Seek for yourself the non-application of the method,
The application of the non-method. »

I’d say this knowing that he would be unable to hear it at that time.

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  1. The rest of it again from memory):

    For to be as you do, every day,
    Is an artless art,
    Where the touch of the hand can display
    The design of the heart;
    And the permanent records of God
    Shall, in truth, declare,
    Not your pace in the path that you trod,
    But the man you were.

    In the secret recess of the night
    You will leave your mark –
    And the tale will be told in the light
    of your deeds in the dark.
    They will read in the book of the true
    Of the one thing you managed to do –
    Be the man you were.

    Isaac Ewan was of a fundamentalist Christian persuasion, Plymouth Brethren. I have a book of his poetry (« The Caravanserai ») , acquired many years back. I would not recommend it, generally for anyone of a different outlook, but a few of his poems can be given a wider application.

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