Dig, Scrape, Pierce

Each sitting further digs the return to life,
Each sitting scrapes the earth of our collapsed cave a little bit more,
Until one day, the light begins to pierce

©FJ ndraw@protonmail.com Fev 2023
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    1. It is said (?…if not, I say it, therefore, « it is said »,) that Zen people are shortcut people.
      Swift and gradual refer to the age-old debate on Awakening ( northern schools VS Southern Schools in China)
      In reality, no debate … I have written something about this, I’ll try to insert a link somewhere…

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    1. One may also remain unaware of thé prep work accomplished ahead of the day when a final scraping –last straw– brings down the whole building.

      To such a person, ‘awakening’ will appear sudden.

      Such unawareness may be the result of past lives work, progressive banalisalisation of practice, or under-the-radars, energetic arrangements, as underground water building its way to the spurting point (?)

      Those different configurations may be different names for a single reality.

      (Spurting point?? Sounds weird..)

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