In The Middle

These writings are a lesson, not the one I teach,
But the one I receive.
Which pearls from a stratum of consciousness or from another capillarity.
Why would I turn it into a magic tale ?
I have no one to seduce…
And especially not the one who cannot see it for what it is.

What are you looking for ?
What magic powder do you expect to harvest like this, with your arms outstretched?
These writings are a lesson.

Spread them a little
And sit in the middle.

© Dec 2022
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4 commentaires

  1. This seems to me to relate to an idea which was floated between us some time back – teaching what one does not know.

    The teacher is he who learns. Ultimately, each is his or her own, solitary, student.

    What am I looking for? Whatever is within. I expect to « harvest » nothing that is not already within my storehouse – and magic has nothing to do with potions, or even rituals. I expect to learn of myself. You may provide some information, as may I to you – but gathering information and learning are two different ideas.

    So I will sit in the middle – but not of your writings. Nor do you, I think. We each sit in the middle of what we are, searching to perceive the universe that surrounds us. What we say or write is merely an extension of whisker to sense something of that universe.

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