Warehouse Of Tears

I sometimes believe it is better not to start crying at all, because then I would spend the rest of my life doing so.
What am I going to do with all these barrels of tears waiting backstage?

Do tears etherize ?
What if they are cried facing the sun ?
And will we make jars of the remaining salt ?

As one brings back warm sand, to dust long winter nights,
Like an orphan symbol.
Some rock from a long-gone planet, visited in the past

©ndraw@protonmail.com Nov 2022
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2 commentaires

    1. Tears are wet thoughts.
      Like their dry counterpart they come in so many different types, it would take a life time to list them all.

      There is a sorrow behind tears
      And a call behind the sorrow,
      A remembrance which pulses a bit stronger when stifled for too long.

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