Aging Body Awareness

Of course, with age, body awareness increases,
First of all, this happens in the first degree.

No need to invoke the points of wisdom to which advancing age would give access.
As you age, your body awareness sharpens.

Youth often corresponds to hyper-fluidity.
Everything takes place there with such ease and our gestures unfold so freely that the opportunity to scrutinize his body simply does not arise.

As I get older, joints seize up and ease again,
that flexibility has become a property to be maintained, it is given to me to visit these points, to frequent, through consciousness, these zones where the work of time is accomplished.

© Dec 2022
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      1. There is a basic principle of « use it or lose it », alternatively « keep moving ». That is true physically, mentally and spiritually. Deterioration in the first does not require that the others fail, but none of them will get easier with the years.


      2. The spiritual side does not regress.
        When consciousness expands,
        Consciousness expands.
        I believe there are thresholds, backstops, on the Path.
        Regression occurs when they have not been reached.
        Don’t you think ?

        The mental and spiritual side do decay.
        Fall apart,
        Entropy, entropy.
        The decay of the mental and physical realms may also lead to embracing the spiritual one.
        An enviable body and a brilliant mind often lead to neglecting spirituality.

        « Blessed are…. »

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  1. I know what you mean, but we are not so conveniently and tidily compartmentalised.

    Nor am I sure we should be.

    An expanded consciousness may remain so; somewhere – in fact, I suspect, was always expanded. But our appreciation of that, here and now (whatever that means) can fail.

    Is that your distinction of spiritual non-regression -v- decay of the spiritual side?

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    1. When one loses the ability to use one of their senses, others suddenly or progressively sharpen.
      External senses harmonize.
      So do external and inner senses.
      When the hourglass empties, it does not lose sand.
      The one who watches the upper part believes all sand is gone.

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      1. Your first sentence is commonly accepted, but not indisputable. I recall seeing contrary assertions, supposedly evidence based. That was a long time ago, however, and my chances of finding the article are small.

        You may be watching the lower half – but do you know you are so doing? My point is that a failing physical presence may prevent a recognition of whatever constitutes reality.

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      2. Unless whatever constitutes reality is itself a perception, falling apart while another layer of consciousness takes over.

        I have often been surprised by how very old people are already ‘gone’ and do not seem to suffer from that distance with what made our common reality.
        I suspect they already have one foot elsewhere.

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