Present to, Present For

If it is difficult to be present to yourself, it is even more difficult to be present for yourself.
Being present : I see that these two phases are only one reality.
Being present to oneself is to really listen to suffering and difficulties that one encounters,

To collect them in a larger space, it is necessary above all to come into contact with these painful energies.
That is to say, no longer ignoring, no longer misunderstanding the situation.

At a certain level of listening, they are nothing more than what they are.
The words that we would come to ask are less potent to enter religion.
Direct, infra-verbal, animal vision.
To be present, for oneself, is to be greater than oneself,
Painting the presence of benevolence,

It is to be in contact with a level of wisdom which is nothing other than presence to oneself.

© Dec 2022
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    1. I removed the preposition.
      It was not necessary.
      Nor were all the surrounding words,
      Nor the text, actually…
      Which brings me to question the presence of this blog, now.

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