Ark Of Consciousness

March 2023, France and Elsewhere.

Many people experience an inner collapse and suffer terribly from seeing all the landmarks, systems and references around which they have shaped a personality, inescapably crumble.

Institutional systems,
Societal landmarks,
Family references,
Psychological frameworks,

From the largest to the most intimate, all these concentric circles which swirled around the individual, now have their orbit oscillate.
They waver, collide, already announcing crash and chaos.

The suffering that we feel, in more or less conscious forms, is not due to the chaos or the troubles generated, but to the disappearance of the benchmarks as we have integrated them, as we were made to integrate them.

I suggest putting an end to this suffering, ending its inflammatory process.
Stopping the inflammation of the tissues of our soul and consciousness, observing from a deeper point.
I invite you to start breathing from this place, to see that, in reality, this decomposing world never really existed.

Only the attachment we had for it allowed us to aggregate our perceptions into an intermediate reality that we called ‘my universe’.

It’s not the world that is collapsing, it’s your universe that shows itself for what it is, that is to say, for what it has never been.
It is a radical peeling that happens to you, all around you : dead skins, those you held on to, contemplated, now fall to the ground and dissolve.
The great opportunity, the great honor which is yours, it is a last-chance invitation.

You missed all the rafts, all pleasure boats, all sailboats, as they successively came and asked you to board from Port of Ignorance.
You missed them all, one after the other.

Here is a liner with all lights on in the night storm,
Making your whole body vibrate with its throbbing corm of mist.
Now this liner is coming to get you, now the blatant ship is coming to you.

So don’t close your eyes and cry for what never was.
Don’t miss it again, this is the greatest opportunity you ever thought could come your way.
It is here, waiting for the courage of your few steps.

From the pontoon, broken and already submerged by your suffering,
to the Ark of Consciousness.

©FJ March 2023
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12 commentaires

  1. With this, I find myself in complete agreement, and congratulate you on expressing it uncompromisingly.

    It is the fear of the references that we create for ourselves being proven inadequate, and failing, that is the basis of insecurity, which leads to prejudice and hatred.

    Compassion, I suspect, you would advise in the face of those who express all this.

    Those who hide behind their prejudice and hatred would deride that compassion.

    Perhaps, then, they need it all the more.

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Thank you Simon,
      I was unsure whether the translation had not skipped hat appeared to me as the most important part.
      Apparently, it hasn’t.
      I’m always uncomfortable when it comes to translating the French ‘Consience’
      Consciousness ? not really
      Awareness ? insufficient.
      Conscience ? not relevant.
      Wisdom ? Too broad…
      A complete agreement is quite an unusual response,
      Let’s celebrate.
      From now on, March, 26th will be « Complete Agreement Day ».

      Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Well, only you know what you meant to convey. It seems my response is consistent with that, so we can be reasonably sure that you did,so, convey it.
    Nor can I comment on what French means by « consience ». But, from your list of inadequate translations, maybe I could suggest « personal insight »?

    Aimé par 1 personne

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