Morning Porridge

The meditation practitioner has not waited for this world where the digitization of data has become the only horizon to enter the era or virtual reality.

Through familiarization with his inner world, he has able to assign a quality index to the psychological material which suspects in his cranial box, the same way we would do with pool water to determine whether it can allow swimmers in or not.

The objective here is not to endlessly dissect such levels of awareness and their degree of relevance, it is always possible to consider subdivision into upper levels or infra levels…

The most important thing for the practitioner is to be able to identify the first levels as the limit below which the psychological material has no interest, no real value, and could only weigh down the consciousness that is considering it.

Take the very conscious example of waking up in the morning, when fatigue has become insufficient to justify a new re-dive into the realm of sleep,

We harbor there, in our mind, slimy swamp water, carrying along useless and incoherent debris.

At no time is it a reflection on elements of the day to come (the psychological material is freewheeling and the consciousness (still asleep?) somewhat hypnotized by the chaotic drifts of this bouillabaisse.)

The practitioner realizes that he is facing a double path:

– He either continues to let himself be caught up in a scenario without a scriptwriter, and will end up falling asleep again out of boredom

-Or he realizes that the first level of psychological material refining has not been reached yet and he gets up to sit zazen.

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    1. psychological / thank you : I mistranslated the French ‘Psychique’ by giving in to the most graphically similar term.
      I could blame the translating assistant but that would not be fair.

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