The Way of That

The ‘God topic’ is often discussed using a very small and seemingly harmless tool.

— the personal pronoun, subject and object.

Anthropomorphism can then be the result of a common linguistic drift.

In dualistic territory, the language imposes a “He”, a “She”,

In the end, the feminization of the patriarchal God, though potentially refreshing, does not provide any way out of this conceptual / linguistic trap.

Connect with the unnamed,

Respect the spirit of the unnamed,

Perhaps this is the Way of That.

Do not start piling up conceptual stones, trying to build an academy,
Do not go through this question hole :
What ideas, what representations would I use to fill the shelves with books and the walls with shelves?

And what would I need to protect against the rhetoricians of my time ?

“It”, “That”

What I come back to,

I sit down,

How we prepare for the coming of It.

It happens as simply as I sit.

© Dec 2022



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    1. No need to blame the translation in case it is confuse.. I’ve heard that contemporary native Japanese speakers have more idea what he talks about most of the time.
      Which makes the reading even more interesting.

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