You don’t belong to the Realm of Ideas

Understand me : unless we consider what is as an emanation of the underlying spirit (still then, it would not be my initial concern, I have no interest in the recent idea of god, for that remains an idea, however powerful it may be, I’ve learned, now that ideas are not what we should be after – they’ve trapped us for ages) .

They forces us to position and therefore densify in us what needs to fluidify.
Where ideas are, suffering setttles

In the Realm of ideas, I don’t belong.
Neither does God.
God can colour it, enliven it, tame it, light it up or thrive through this realm.

But reducing the energy of God to the Realm of ideas may be interesting, to discuss theological matters, but has nothing to do with spiritual experience.

Books : can they really help ?
Without our connection to the spirit taking us through, underneath, above and beyond words,
books are nothing but a momentary shape, more or less elegant, provided to ideas.
The spirit does not need books or words. It makes you read God wherever is sees fit.
A situation, how ever trifling in appearance, a scenery, a sound, a pebble hitting a bamboo stick.

©FJ Fev 2023
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    1. There wre deeper levels than ideas.
      Society ends up making us believe that something which is not backed by ideas cannot exist.
      Ideas : tampering with transitional consensus.
      Society : an idea unable to perceive itself as such.

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      1. The need for communication comes from a shallowness of experience. It is the son of the noise.
        Just consider the obsession our world has for communication.
        As mindfulness deepens communication is more of a self- realizing process than the object of a strategy, a subject to frustration, as it is under our common crust experience.
        (If that means anything in English…)

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