With Full Ignorance

I meditate because the world is a whirlpool machine
And silent sitting then, is a remedy for shimmering, swirling death,
A death which puts on the ten thousand fineries plays in the wheels and crushes us,
Spits us out, leaves us stunned, amnesiac, on the edge of the beach.
I meditate because I know how death rumbles.
It passes through our pores and pours its acid along bodily furrows
As we converse with full ignorance of its ways.

©ndraw@protonmail.com Dec 2022
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4 commentaires

    1. I believe I referred to illusions…
      Death as the energy of ignorance.
      For some reason I struggle to pin down this morning, it has a scent of Christian theoretical backdrop.
      Death vs life feel..maybe you can tell me.
      I’m no expert in Christianity…
      Nor in Buddhism, for that matter.
      But why do I even speak?

      Suzuki said the mind of the expert is tight and unbreathable.
      I cannot but relate to this on such a blurry morning…

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