Free Yourself, Breathe At Last

This is a translation from an audio note in French : here

Realize that religions are an artificial reading grid that we have just added over the world.
To remove the grid from in front of one’s gaze is to free oneself

This applies to here and now,

For Buddhism, for Zen, too,
But what did you expect, really ?

Listen, listen to the staggering, the rattle, just before taking off he grid.
It is the sound of attachment.

Religion is both the bar and the material of this bar.
Whatever the paint of the bar, they are all of the same nature.
They are the bar at the window between you and the world.
To these bars you are chained.

Each book, each education session, each identification with, each imitation made in the past is a link in this chain that attaches us to the cell, to the window bar.

It takes the soul of a true adventurer to pull it off.
Whoever goes there, is not afraid, knows, seeks the truth.

Or else, you have reached the last stage of suffocation,
endured apnea to the extreme limit and snatch everything all at once, like you snatch a plastic bag stuck in front of your mouth.

How you tear it out,
Because if you don’t, you’ll die.

Free yourself,
And breathe at last.

FJ March 2023
Groupe de Pratique
Many thanks to all

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