Layer Cake, Trenches and Shovels.

Heard somewhere on the way home (most probably from a radio podcast:  » we don’t live in the world, but in a conceptual overlay ».

As it appears, the job is not done once we have perceived through this first overlay. there is a deeper layer underneath, still obstructing the path to what is. It is a layer of emotions, which is therefore much harder to dissolve.

The key to keep moving forward through this thorny bush is to know that, contrary to all appearances, emotions are not as instinctive as they feel. There is a tiny space between the outer or inner trigger and the arising of the related emotion. If we inject mindfulness in this fleeting moment, there is a possibility to move one step closer to reality–certainly reaching another layer…boat-405763_1280

By realizing feelings and emotions are nothing but an expression of various habits. Just like freshly new spring water will always flow down the path old water streams have previously dug. When emotions arise, we tend to confuse the water with the trench:

Potentially, each new spring of mountain water can follow any path. Each emotion can be a brand new experience. Behavioral patterns (sprinkled with a hint of laziness) have created the illusions that these inner foes will forever be foes.

We need to become aware that we are the ones digging emotional trenches….We dug them in the past, so we have the power to dig new ones, to design them in a way that is more clever, more helpful and more compassionate toward others and ourselves.


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