Do you have an explanation? Why is it that we never fully understand that all the waves people broadcast, are constantly interfered with?

Static is all over the place and we never fully perceive messages. Static from people emitting and static from us receiving.
We get crumbs and fragments of waves, scraps of communication… and then we try to build meaning out of these, but we are kept away from the depth and the reality waiting behind words.

We have grown so familiar with the static that we remain mostly unaware of it. We seriously believe that these people in our environment are arrogant, depressive,intelligent, funny, or aggressive, depending on the color or density of the static.

The more elaborate the interference, the more we will be likely to call our interlocutor intelligent; And the people we are interacting with will sound all the more aggressive that their static is thick.

But the background message is so distorted by the protagonists that we never grasp its unique nature, regardless of geographical places, social origins, or the epoch of the speakers.

All these messages are a call for love. End of the story.

They are all a request for recognition, an expression of a need to be aknowkledged/ accepted. This is the heart of the universal message, hidden behind our civilisational disguises, however sophisticated they may appear.

At what moment, do we learn in our growing process, not to ask for love directly? to refrain our need for recognition? Is it the sacrosanct quest for psychological independence?

Once we perceive this blatant need, smothered by tens of years of behavioral habits, we understand that our education and culture play a great role in this process.
We will pretend that all this masquerade is due to the necessity to respect the integrity of the person in front of us.
However, it appears  it is precisely by choosing one of the convoluted response we are so used to, that we are humiliating this human being. We are sending him back to his own loneliness, adding one more layer of sediments to the static.


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