About Control

Hidden behind the attempt to control one’s environment
there is a fear not to know, not to access data the way we should,
To comprehend and influence what is about to happen in the future.
It a fear of an informational asymmetry which might potentially harm us.

Hidden behind the fear not to know
there is a fear of a reality in which we may not be included.
This reality will unfurl and we fear not to be a part of it.

This is the mother of all fears :
The child believes that, when things happen without him,
they happen and he dies, on a more or less symbolical level.
The mother goes out, and by doing so, she puts an end to his psychological existence.

We must learn to trust, to let scenarios unfold.
Non-controlling is the most beautiful expression of trust.
And trust is the basis for any effective communication.

There is no communication without trust in others.
There is no trust in others without trust in ourselves.
There is no trust in ourselves without trust in Life.
There is no trust in Life without visual education.

We urgently need to place our focus on Beauty
and to zoom out on failures.

Franck Joseph
©FJ March 2015- All rights reserved
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