Self-Powered Spiral

Has it ever dawned on you that, maybe, the main obstacle to the fluency of events and an overall well-being were yourself? Out of habits of control, out of fear to face patterns we have never experienced before, out of the fake shot of existence these moments provide, we keep opposing what is happening, antagonizing with events –potentiality life-shattering ones as well as seemingly insignificant ones. Therefore, even if it is much more convenient to blame external events or the people we know–because it allows us to find a stand for some of the blame labels we have in stock– this is not the way towards understanding. It simply entertains us in the self-powered spiral of illusion.

Franck Joseph ©FJ March 2015 – All rights reserved Articles are available in book and e-book formats here : Books Thanks to all for making this content possible through your Participations or Support

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