A Bag of Skin on the Top of a Mountain

What does it mean, to be surprised in the scenario of a dream ?

‘This is a wedding vows renewal ceremony and I am walking towards a group of people I am supposed to greet. I feel overwhelmingly bored by this social obligation but I am stretching out my hand anyway and then….. the four people I’m seeing this very moment turn out to be four friends of mine I haven’t seen in the last fifteen years, all wearing kolomos– typical Zen practice clothes– they let me know about their respective dojos (places of practice).
At this moment I feel extremely surprised.’

In order to call it a surprise, it requires on the one hand someone to surprise and, on the other, someone who surprises.
By definition, this situation implies that someone has information he keeps from unveiling until the right moment comes….
It is in the building of such a narrative process that we can notice this surprise pattern.

Had I been made aware of my friends’ involvement in this Zen practice, I would never have had this impression of a mild shock as I heard their stories.
This information had to be hidden from me ahead of these revelations, so as to guarantee the surprise effect.

Could this be due to a random unfolding of events, which, looking back, would emulate an impression of surprise ?
Everything that happens happens and when I am thinking back on it, I’m doing so through the grid of my own experience… but all this justification is in itself a re-reading of the facts…. the surprise feeling woke me up.

We are a dresser, a set of drawers, most of which remain inaccessible most of the time, mainly as we go through our usual days, standing on the edge of the top drawer…

….Fully or half unaware of the underlying dimensions of our being.

Who keeps the information hidden from us and then decides to reveal it?
Who is hiding in the drawers?
Who’s opening them?
We are leather bags, bags of skin, with a double, a triple bottom.
Laid on a mountain with infinite layers.
From which bottom do we stop being ourselves ?
From which layer do we start understanding?


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