There’s More to Life Than This

Maybe we can be something else.
I have a strong insight there is something else to be.
Watching everyone, and watching myself, I have very positive and negative feedback.
Negative because, I notice that I keep being the hero of the never-ending all-time blockbuster called: « All the things that Happen, might Happen or ever Happened to Myself?
Negative, because I notice that it is the same phenomenon for everyone: we’re all trapped in this scenario. Like a huge movie festival called: The story of our never really meeting Selves.
Positive also,because I notice it. Because it is noticed.
Positive because if I notice it, everyone can notice it, everyone has an ‘I ‘that can notice ‘it’.
This implies a hidden spectator, giving sense to these personal dramas. There actually is someone who can leave the theatre and walk the streets of life.

Franck Joseph

©F.J  Sept 2016

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