That Is How Important You Are

What if…
Our Higher Selves, the already accomplished version of who we are, were (collectively) dreaming this every day reality so as to make us go through
what we need/want to experience?

What if…
There were nothing we had not unconsciously chosen
There were nothing we could not do?

What if….
The only moments we really could get in touch with our True Nature were while dreaming?

What if…
We had been lost all along, discussing the universe, life or death, love and family, career and hobbies with a thick layer of mucus all over our eyes, ears and nose?

What if…
We had been suffocating all the way?

Now is…
An open access to our thoughts, relations and actions, a rebirth, in the widest possible definition.
Zooming out from reality, we would then be able to contemplate a place where…

Nothing is a matter of life and death;
Nothing is left to lose;
Nothing is definitive, doomed or not subject to change;
Nothing is worth dying for and identification processes are emptied;
Nothing is meaningless or shallow;
Nothing is…

Accessing the dream, addressing the scheme, 
Entering the matrix, becoming the womb of the world.

But the funniest and saddest of all is how we somehow came to forget — and become attached to or identified with — the emanated illusion of our Higher Selves.

We are 3D painters complaining suffering from not being able to penetrate our 2D paintings, perpetually forgetting that the world we are desperate to enter is a truncated, dull, limited, sullen and often self-obsessed version of the world we are already in.

But the greatest of all is that it is through this restricted illusory world that we can interact with others. If we say ‘yes’ to experiencing their reality–whether they are aware of it or not–we will somehow realize they are all just as divine as we are…
And we can help them not to get lost in the shuffle.

And we can smile at how serious they think they are, 
Because we know how important they really are.

Franck‌ ‌Joseph‌ ‌ – ©FJ‌ April 2017
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