The Yoga of Intimacy

In 99% of cases, In 99% of phrases, And 99 % of the time, God is but a word, And as long as God is nothing but a word, God is not God. To become more than a word, He has to stop being a word, To stop being a linguistic tool, A conceptual device. In 1% of occurences, God is everything, always… Whether we know it or not, He never stops being everything. Under the veil of words, God actively sleeps. Waiting for us to meet Him, As we will meet ourselves. Words are signs… For ages, they have been pointing, To one another, Leading us to the roads of perdition, Driven along by the milestones of our surface selves, Sadly bumping against each other, Calling their clinking a Big Bang. Why should I keep writing about the uselessnesss of words? Why should I keep trying to drown water or burn fire?… ….without attempting to use the bucket to extinguish the flames or heat its bottom to allow water to evaporate? Not knowing we are running in circles, Is eternal damnation. Raising our eyes to the inner beauty, Seeing the Wide River flow, Is eternal joy. Franck‌ ‌Joseph‌ ‌ – ©FJ‌Feb 2017 If you wish to join our silent sitting meditation sessions follow this link Articles are available as books and e-books : RECUEILS This content is made possible through your Participations Many thanks to all of you…

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