Down the Stairs of Meditation

Meditating is going down the rocky caves on the way to ourselves.
You might want to consider meditating as you slowly walk down the stairs of steep and poorly lit stairs: by taking a break here and there, by taking the time, on the way down the inner road, to observe.
On a regular basis, take a pause, join hands, be thankful, breathe, center.
You need to make sure to get familiar with the sights as you move further downward.
The unfathomable depths require a quiet and secured step.

Let’s practise this reversed climbing activity, starting out from the summit of shallowness to reach the heart of the mountain’s pure essence, deep down the Earth.

Where Life springs endlessly, 
Where Life lives,
Where life is.

There, Magma spreads and waters the crust of humus, then feeding the trees.
Up to the tips of branches where birds love to rest,
Until the fibers of feathers, the skies will caress…

Entering the rocky tunnels, you need to trust the Guide. For within you, lay both the guide who unfailingly knows his way, and the one who has never set one foot on the inner stairs.
Listen, tell apart;  The one who knows and the one who thinks he knows.

So as to make sure you can sustain a decent concentration, you can join your hands at the center of your chest, in a candle position. Now, you can light the way and look around for a moment.
Then, without looking back at the distance you have walked so far, nor bend forward to consider the lenghts you still have to travel, start walking again.
The stairs merge into the endless darkness of times.
Just focus and remind yourself you are going down the stairs, and that it is the direction of your life.

There’s only one Stairway, but many paths.
The steps have been carved for us in the rocky caves.
Yet, they seem to fade in and densify as we move our foot forward to move on.

-Otherwise, as you move along, clouds of smoke might scare you back a few steps further up the stairs.

Join hands, breathe, remember  it is not such a serious matter. They fluidify and vanish.

These black clouds, as terryfying and unexpected as they may appear, emanate from our own depths. They are only an expression, a recollection, a transitory form.

-Otherwise, The immature enthusiasm or restless elation may make you hurtle down a few steps
Join hands and listen to your breath as it models on the deepest waves. remember the fall is not such a big issue.

Hundreds of people, hundreds of times have found themselves falling just the same way, withouth knowing or understanding why the rocks have become sharper and the landscape has shaped into such hostile patterns.

On the contrary, hundreds of people have already been lured and inebriated by the warm colours, the smell of incense or the somptuous voices coming out of this huge sculpted organ.

Join hands, center again, listen to the sounds and smell the volutes of myrrh from the inside.

Appreciate their luxurious appeal for one moment. then look at the following steps appearing as you keep breathing, trustfully.
Deep down our being, you are following the path.

-Otherwise the words of others could be digging galleries towards other arched cave rooms. These words mold so easily into the clay of our fears. If we don’t keep a close ear, we may well end up spending eons in these  primitive rooms and lose our time as we lose ourselves.
Precious time, infinite time.

The guide whom we are knows these comfortable caves are swarming with souls listening to other souls. The speeches are echoing one another, bouncing back against the walls.
Exponential confusion lulls people to sleep. Listeners are heating their hands to pillars made of stacked books. They are all similar and full of redundant ideas… some of these believers  even bow to theses pillars.

The warmth disappears instantly, and on each bow, a few shining coins drop out of pierced pockets.
Easy words, flattering sentences, velvet speeches and the promise of a shortcut to the core of cores…
Here again, dozing on the floor of a cave is not as damaging as it may sound.

Join hands, breathe and smile to your wanderings.

For even as you wander the path is tracing itself.


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