A Little Wind and a Cushion

It all starts on a cushion.
As the stars sprinkle the night, our mental skies are agitated by swirling winds.
They eventually calm down, then rise som more.

This infernal dance may be unbearable. Anyone who has ever practised some kind of sitting meditation has somehow taken part to this choreography.

Yet, little by little, we begin to get familiar with the moves and our attention shifts from  the sufferer to the one wathching him suffer.
 Our practice has undergone an orbit change.

Paradoxically, these passing-throughs are all the more likely to happen that the assaults of our windy thoughts are more agressive.
Exhaustion compells us to surrender. We lay down our swords and shields.

« Down by the river side,
Down by the river side,
I ain’t gonna study war no more… »

Mental gusts keep blowing their intrinsic chaos.
But they are observed from afar.

This new perspective allows us to consider the psychological weather conditions with a greater acuteness.
Other orbit leaps will occur. The spheres of orbservations are interlocked and each leap facilitates the next.

There is no need to for a flying carpet if  one wants to know the worlds.
All it takes is a little wind and a cushion…


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