A Noise Sandwich

Entertainment is often the answer to a call within,
a signal received by the outstretched mind.
This latter needs a ground to sneak under each of its steps.

Inner balance begets a balanced mind.

Then, when the balanced mind perceives the unsteady grounds this wagging world of entertainment keeps slipping in, it just won’t place its foot on any of them.
And they won’t be in a position to snatch it.
The encounter will therefore not occur.

It is in the silence, emerging in-between two entertainment slots
That we can better grasp the urgency defining the outstretched mind.

It is wailing for a rest it cannot find as long as it keeps calling what it calls.

Listening to the silence
is listening to the noise
unaware of it noisy nature

Listening to the noise
is awakening the sleeping silence


Between two slots of captivation, practice lets us hear the noise of the outstretched mind.

In a noise sandwich, there’s always a slice of silence,
In a silence snack, always a slice of noise.

This anxiety of the mind as it docks to the entertainment ships will eventually vanish in a laughter, both discreet and gigantic,

Tearing up the soul

And soaring up the tears

Outstretched mind begets outstretched minds

Resolving into the smile of those knowing this camouflage gear it has kept calling out
is crumbly,
The balanced mind emerging might then feel compassion as it understands these are the result of somebody else’s anxious mind.

Franck Joseph

a french version available here : https://mindfulair.wordpress.com/2018/09/02/sandwich-au-bruit/

©FJ sept 2018

All books available here : LIVRES ET RECUEILS

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