Ex/in/sup : the Three steps of Spirituality

After having browsed a certain range of spiritual expressions, within a single tradition or through several practices and communities, or as a result of instant insight, you may notice people’s accounts of Inner Life can be conveyed more or less as follows…

Step 1 : Extra personal spirituality

At this stage, we are looking for an outer God to interfere positively with our environment. We wish to mold reality through God’s action. This is the place of common beliefs, traditional approaches to religions as well as other pagan practices.

Step 2 Intra personal spirituality Time, frustration, and maturity have taught us how there is nothing to wait from the swamps of projections (step 1). We have gained confidence in our ability to experience. We start looking within and become actors of our spiritual life. We understand our environment won’t change unless we work on our prisms and perception biases. The emotional aspect present in step one appears suspicious. Time has come for a drying up phase on the road to seeing things as they are. Step 3 : Supra personal spirituality The newly acquired inner experienced balance (step 2) rooted in simplicity, allows us to inhabit a clean and sorted out space. We can therefore leave the house in a confident way. We start taking a walk outside. From the woods, we contemplate other village houses with peace : some lit up, some unwatched, some untended…

Our true nature is not external, it is not even internal. Not 2, not 1… These steps are not obviously chronological : through our spiritual experiences we may move along those steps from 3 to 2, to 1, to 3 again (glimpse + need to re-build the process)

In reality, they are not steps at all…steps 3 and 1 are actually the one and the same. Step 2 is merely hyphenating between a single two-sided process : On step 1, we look out from the platform of ourselves. On step 3, we see our selves from the platform beyond all platforms. Franck Joseph ©FJ OCT 2018 – All Rights Reserved Articles are available as books and e-books : RECUEILS This content is made possible through your Participations Many thanks to all.

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