No Door, No Threshold

Isn’t it amazing to note that the most immediate door to what’s beyond stands right at the heart of this world’s density ?
This apparent contradiction is an unquenchable source of wonder and of caustic wit in our practice as well.

By physically contacting the beauty of Nature, we clear the way onto supernatural realms.

More than a dichotomy, necessarily conceptual and therefore artificial, we are dealing with a continuum on which we go through a certain number of thresholds.

One must have walked along this continuum long enough and passed a sufficient number of those thresholds to access to the other side(s) of Reality.
Visible and invisible spheres are not two.

They are dimensions of a single nature, subjectively determined depending on the abilities and positioning of the unit of consciousness experiencing it.

The threshold is nothing but a tool of perception, allowing this being to talk, write, understand.
This threshold — the word — is the weapon unsheathed by the ignorant (or the communication strategist..;).
At best, they are approximations, consolation prizes used for educational purposes.

Sitting on the floor
Our nostrils filled with the flavors of humus.
With the wind in our hair
Lashing our ears, crossing our bodies,
The tweeting of birds, the cracking of wood
There has never been any threshold.

Franck Joseph

©FJ May 2019

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