Wild Dharma

Dodging… This is also one of the teaching media in the Zen tradition.
Laying a trap, greasing the helping hand…

Preventing the roots from embedding in the usual ways of temples, rituals and rites of passage.

Preventing the cluster of fat matters in institutional arteries.

This way is hard on the disciple.
Promises and pats on the shoulders can never fully quench a disciple’s thirst.
And the mirrors of his peers’ retinas can never cover the unfathomable depths of his visual field.

It is a path of tearing doubts and dry loneliness
of burning joys and exploding hearts.

The Way is even harder on the Master, who takes on the responsibility to grow disciples away from warmed greenhouses.
In a confident gesture, he opens his hand and frees the seeds on their way to dark earth.

Preys to wild gusts of winds, to brutish horses’ hooves, to pouring rains,
how many will survive ?

It is not impossible for some of them to carry on off the beaten path,
from non-masters to non-disciples.

Who cares then about what Zen is or isn’t ?

Franck Joseph

©FJ August 2019

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