May Lightness Save You

I believe that lighness of heart saves us while seriousness kills without fail.

In lightness of heart, there is flexibility and adaptation to space
In seriousnesss, there is identification and restriction of space.

The problem with religions is that, as they keep trying harder to appear credible in the eyes of the world and gloomy observers, they end up generating the causes of their own smothering.

Take a look at yourself, standing all neat and proper in the ranks,
well institutionalised, and half dead already.

In seriousness lies anxiety.
The main source of anxiety known by the sphere of seriousness is precisey not to be taken seriously any longer.
Seriousness best maintains itself by the fear of its own decay.

A similar self-sustaining mechanism underpins the functioning of the ego : 
fear of decline or fear of seing its territory shrink. Ego and seriousness are both made of the same material.

This is why resorting to humour is so deeply recommended across the different spiritual traditions.
It is a sublime manner to break the chain identifications to concepts, words and cultural smells typical to such and such religion or movement.

Where humour withdraws, ego densifies. 
In spiritual life, humour is holy hygiene.

Franck Joseph

©FJ July 2019
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