Karma Burning….Coming to an End

A french version of this article is availabel here : Karma Burning….Parvenir à l’Arrêt

Could it be possible that all our detours are guided by a deeper and more skilled part of ourselves than the one believing it’s actually driving our lives ?

Considering the road in its entirety, what we are today tagging as ‘detours’, eventually turn out to be essential bends and curves on the way.
Speedups and drifts may be perceived as opportunities. The long-term perspective teaches us that excesses of fuel needed to be burnt, extra loads of gas and by-products of old combustion had to vanish.

What matters is that, once we reach the end of the path, all this vehicle’s energies are burnt. Their evaporation is the meaning of the arrival.
As they evaporate, they draw the finish line.
As long as one drop of oil remains, as long as the drive mechanism keeps the wheels turning, the vehicle can never come to a halt.

On the scale of a life, crossing inner regions to calmly enter the Land of Wisdom.
On the scale of a sitting, letting all gases burn, letting all wheels spin.
On exhaustion, truly breathe in…

In this Awakening Earth, the driver cannot get up and leave.
Should he already stand there, he might not even know…

Franck Joseph

Photo: ©F.J nov 2018

Texte ©F.J nov 2019

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