Loud Whispers

Meditation is about learning how to let things go — slowly and gently, or abruptly and awfully — quiet.
In any case, without notice, the mind has taken a step back, allowing us to understand ourselves as consciousness units, equal in any way to all other units.

What causes our daily illusion is this absence of distance, leading to normally overrate our personal activities.
Simply because our mind flow is whispering so close…so close…
We tend to hear nothing but the mind.

Each consciousness unit listens to this mind talking directly against their eardrums, even though this is just a flow of trifling and ridiculously circular information.

Realizing this is the possibility for each of us to embrace those who, like us, are caught in the net, and who, like us, tend to believe in the words whispered so loud..

Franck Joseph

texte et photo ©FJ August 2019

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