Lack of self confidence : a Path of Awakening

A history of self confidence deficit can turn out to be the source of great happiness.

This lonely and obscure sitting through life (lack of self confidence) within an artificially maintained system (self confidence) is one of the possible ways opening onto the discovery of a profound Self confidence.

Losing all self confidence to enter the realm of Self confidence.

Leaving the pen where myths are sustained at the price of a denied and shrilling strain :

 In the world of self confidence, each situation is a fight.

On every social interaction, on every re-run of internal scenarios, the self is central and confronts every other ego unit.

It struggles, fights back and conquers territories.

The Self is an open experience where our presence is not mutually exclusive of others’, aware they both stem from a similar essence.

Franck Joseph

©FJ  August 2019

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