The Order Of Things…

The only necessary criterion to be used, when it comes to dispatching power according to legitimacy, should be the level of consciousness.

Indeed, people benefiting from a wider opening should be in responsibility of their brothers whose glasses are still fogged up.

At this point, the problem is that a certain degree of demisting is necessary to consent to participate to the whole structure.

But a typical feature of people still ignoring the evolution of consciousness through various degrees is precisely their inability to take part to this.

Two realities put this statement at odd.

First, in our human societies, as well as in our drifting organizational systems, other criteria have been picked as ways to dispatch access and retain power. Let us name but a few of them : betrayal, treachery, financial ownership, greed, slimy networking practices…

Then, to moderate it all, we must note that, on another level of experience, it is possible to acknowledge the arrangement of beings according to their consciousness evolution is already in place.

It just does not apply to businesses of this world.

We can draw a parallel between the evolution of a being — that is, its status on the axis of consciousness– and his/her will to let go of the businesses of this world.

The more a being evolves towards a conscious version of himself, the less he will feel fascination for places of power and patterns of domination.

Therefore, we should not feel sorry for the absence of virtue in the leading caste, because it cannot be otherwise.

Spiritual communities appear then as places where such beings are supposed to gather. Nevertheless,  they stop being ‘spiritual’ whenever their organization is no longer based on the levels of consciousness of people constituting these assemblies. They become lay structures, in quest of the usual political game : power, self assertion, domination,…

They orient towards a lower place on the consciousness axis and actively contribute to  transforming their community in a club, a business, a party.

Yet, they keep being referred to as ‘spiritual’ and potentially cause the confusion of genuine travelers.

If we keep widening our perspective, we can question on the possibility of a universe objectively organised (a ‘cosmos, literally) on the levels of consciousness of all societies it contains.

The most developed beings would have reached such a degree of interiority, they could no longer be visible by the eyes behind fogged-up glasses. They would be intangible to any form of antenna.

Still, each of these intermingled planes would communicate.
But not all of them would know…

(As our consciousness opens further, we access a treasure of patience,
Facing the aggressive pantomime of wannabe managers, let’s unfold a carpet of faith and serenity.)

Franck Joseph

©FJ August 2019

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