Last Screening

Matthew, legs crossed, 10 PM sitting session.

His eyes are all over the place, like an animal watching all attackers coming at him at the same time.

All of a sudden, the animal moves a few steps back from the bush where he was crouching and finds himself in a clearing
He realises he is not the hunted down prey he thought he was.
He’s just a simple spectator of a hunting scene.
Eventually, the outcome of this scenario has nothing to do with him.

How has he been able to zoom out, simply after focusing on his breathing for a few moments ?
The air coming in, going out, this endless flow lightly touching his nostrils is like dust in a movie theater.
Focusing on the specks, waving in the ray of light, unveils the tunnel of light which conveys wild pictures on the screen.
This is how we allow our status of spectator in our mindfulness spectrum.

The movie, as stirring or scary it might seem, is nothing but a set of photographies thrown out on a rolled out screen.
From this enlightened statement, the life of the spectator acquires a meaning that is different both from the movie and the theater.

He has become free.
Free to watch the story, and free to simply walk out the room.

10.10 PM LEgs uncrossed. Matthew stands back up.

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