Master Solicitor

Many masters, instead of harnessing the figure of a wise man seem much more appealed to the ideal of the solicitor.
They have become the bigwigs and behave like landlords, owners of their livestock. What matters to them is first and foremost to ensure their estate is set to last.

This is why they are so reluctant to let go of their rituals, practices, ideologies and underlying beliefs (they may have sometimes intimately forsaken those).
If they confessed to their herd there is no need to hang on to all this, these disciples would leave at once in search of an alternate master with ideological hay to hand out.

A real master has nothing to offer.
He is not responsible for, nor is he recipient of, anything. 

He has no capital to preserve or grow.
This is why a real master is not a master.


Une version française est disponible ici : Se faire tatouer l’oreille ?

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Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept 2019

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