« Hey ! Where ‘s my Conflict ? »

Version française disponible ici : Survie : « Vite, mon Conflit ! »

Many people among us are living their lives clenching, hanging onto perceptions, which they use as anchor points… Firmly gripping to these, they campaign for the set of representations (mostly negative, by the way) they have always used and psychologically summon the spheres of relation to their environment.

In the background, they keep bringing up a difficult relationship with…their parent, ex lover, wife, colleague, child, you name it…

In a pervert manner, this is a clumsy protection mechanism against life, real and wide open life, breathing through our contractions.
To this life, they never surrender.

These relational tensions provide the necessary support to a tight mode of being we experience — again, perversely — as comfortable.

We keep questioning and pretending we are searching for alternatives and solutions to our dead-end.
The proof is that all it generally takes a fortuitous development (separation, death, lucky twist of events initiated by one of the actors in our scenarios….) for our conflict relation to untie, and to enable the emergence of a new troubled perspective on the horizon…therefore, we make sure our rumination experience keeps going.

Our brooding self does not want to disappear. This is why it continuously divides the unity of space into crystallization rooms, in which it can practice its gloomy sport :
placing fences in reality and delimiting his successive playpens, where it can keep a close watch on the baby.

Franck Joseph

©FJ March 2020

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