Bravery of the Spiritual Path

Because God can never be an outside in application but is always an inside out revelation, I’m not convinced that theological and pseudo-theological concepts are of any help, to say the least.

What these domains do, at best, is shape and mold an inner experience using words- material, as a photographer would take a picture of a landscape which has deeply moved him.
In the worst of cases, these — sometimes genuine– attempts at figuring out (therefore creating an outer figure) God are meant to be frozen, densified in words so as to be passed on from one member of the community of believers to another.

The newcomer will be struggling to implement this outside in process that ‘spirituality’ has become and have it fit his inner experience, if any.

The outer forms, because of this power of words and concepts and the certainty of their efficiency (they objectively guarantee the belonging to a community, even in cases of extreme dryness of spiritual experiences), spread like forest fires and quickly earn a monopolistic status among religious practices.

This is the point when loneliness truly becomes the practitioner’s best ally,
protecting him from outer insertions of intellectual material.

These ‘fabrications’ must be abandoned. This approach requires bravery and faith and is part of the way to reality and truth. The essential milestone.

Franck Joseph

©FJ May 2020 All rights reserved. (text and photo)

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