Feeling ‘interneutralized’ ?

One of the most neutralizing, inhibiting aspects of the Internet lies in the fact that, by default, we are to express ourselves knowing any kind of psychological profile can land or our posts and comments and end up reading our content.

This implies we must be ready to address anyone.
Yet, calibrating our words with every potential target in mind is literally impossible.
Talking to everyone is not of any use for the message has been lost in the calibrating process.
There can never be a content designed for everyone.

Thus, two similarly debilitating possibilities arise to present an image of today’s Internet :

  • I bridle my words and chose to say nothing else than this empty, sullen and over-sweetened content.
    This is the Internet of kitten.

  • I chose to lose myself in justifications and endless explanations of what was supposedly meant, either to prove the legitimacy of the content — and thereby inescapably bury my words in unsolvable controversies, or I agree to be on call to provide a never-ending educational after-sales service for an incalculable clientele.

I might end up considering not to utter a single word online.

Franck Joseph

©FJ May 2020All rights reserved.

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Thanks to all for making this content possible through your participations

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