A Night in a Tent (note)

Among the things we can learn from a night spent in a tent, there are two that have appeared very important to me :

The teaching of silence. The one we receive from a natural environment and the one coming from the sounds we (don’t) produce.

Our whispering voices in the dark can never be retained by such a thin layer of fabric. We need to keep them as low as possible. This colors our relationship with a unique feeling of intimacy.

Then, a night in a tent shows us how little we really need. Through the simplicity of such a spirit, the tent keeps underlining the futility of all the things we possess.

It inclines us to realize the preconceived ideas we have about comfort.
Sleeping out of our comfort zone shows the de-correlation between material comfort and happiness.

Franck Joseph
©FJ January 2020 – All Rights Reserved

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2 commentaires

  1. On my first visit to France in the 90s, Paris appeared like a city embracing the sensorial delights of life – across cafes, cabarets and conference rooms – this sense of artistic splendour sustained.

    To hear a Frenchman blend zen so artfully with everyday life is a delight

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    1. Hi Ananda. Thank you for commenting…
      Though I m not a big fan of Paris, I must admit you are right. I guess the aging process blunts the appeal for sensorial stimuli…or refines it, maybe.
      It is true that self education to ‘artistic splendour’ is a strong ally on our way through life, and a sure friend down the lonesome paths, keeping us away from the pangs of boredom.

      Today,, I feel much more at peace when close to nature..this is why those tent moments inspire me so much ( much more than these few clumsily jotted words can express)…

      Have a nice weekend, full of (every day life) splendour.

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