Subtlety for a Teacher

By endlessly quibbling over the details of the outer posture, don’t we trap ourselves in a suffocating deadend street ?

We need to allow the de-correlation between posture and experience, at least momentarily, even if that means running the risk of locking people up in a frustrating experience…
..of suffering : never being able to sit in (what they believe to be ) the ‘right’ posture
…of submission : towards those who, in the eyes of the disciple, can actually sit in the ‘right’ posture.

We should also be aware that the same pitfall occurs with an under-coaching approach to sitting meditation : the newly-arrived disciple, being left on the cushion without any personalized advice, finds himself frustrated and might as well never come back and forget about the practice for another round (of lives).

The subtlety of the teaching consists in dosing advice and withdrawal.

Franck Joseph

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