Spirit-Sprayed Reality

Have you ever once noticed the sprightly joy with which the Spirit splashes around the various traditions ?
This is a cheerful experience, and if time meant something for Angels, they would certainly have one laugh a minute watching us trying to tear apart lively waters.

From the Spirit, they irrigate multiple churches…Every glow reflecting one aspect of its depths.
May we sustain a wide angle as we contemplate the Spirit
May we have the wisdom to recognize it throughout its lively course.

Words can never put on the Spirit
The Spirit sometimes wears words.

Thus, whatever the chapel, the mosque, pagoda or temple, whatever the cabin, the forest, the hut or the cave he visits, the disciple must always remember the words of tradition he holds in his hands have to be turned over to reveal the letters of the Spirit.

The one whose spiritual eye has opened sees the Ocean Spirit in each droplet.
He does not differentiate among Scriptures.
He recognizes them in books and landscapes,
He hears them in notes and silence.

Whatever the Scriptures, he knows how to read beyond.

©FJ August 2020 – All Rights Reserved
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