Sexual Sitting

The experience of ‘just sitting’ is physical, instinctive, orgasmic
There’s nowhere else to look.

From the place of sitting, directly, the body speaks.
The being learns how to listen, to accept and truly meet the body.

Intrinsically, the practice of sitting is sexual, in the sense that it is natural and corporeal.
Our body is designed for the practice.
Sitting is the meaning of the body, the end purpose of its entire life

The body and the posture, in a magnetic pull,
calling for each other since the endless beginning.

In the same way a human body naturally finds its way to mating, childbearing and birth,
the power of our True Nature emerges through the canals of our sitting meditation posture.

It comes up to the skin of men, it flows through the artery of women.

Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept 2019

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